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All public case documents filed or issued after November 7, 2010 are contained in this electronic system and are retained by SOAH in electronic format only. Please use the “PFD Search” function at the top of SOAH’s home page to find Proposals for Decision or Final Orders issued before November 8, 2010. The PFD Search function will also continue to be updated to include Proposals for Decision and Final Orders issued after November 7, 2010.

TIP: When searching for a particular docket, do not include the docket suffix.

If you experience trouble using this system, please email help at Electronic Case System Issues.

Note: Administrative License Revocation (ALR) cases are not included in the electronic case files.

Cases that may contain confidential information that are not included in the public electronic case files include:

  • All cases referred for mediation (suffix .MED)
  • Commission on Law Enforcement cases (prefix 407)
  • Comptroller of Public Accounts tax cases (prefix 304)
  • Department of Family and Protective Services child abuse and neglect cases (prefix 530)
  • Department of Insurance Division of Workers Compensation cases (prefixes 453 and 454)
  • Department of Motor Vehicle lemon law cases (prefixes 601 and 608)
  • Employee Retirement System cases (prefix 327)
  • Juvenile Justice Department cases (prefix 644)
  • Municipal Retirement System cases (prefix 100)
  • Office of Attorney General Title IV-D child support cases (prefix 302)
  • Teacher Retirement System cases (prefix 323)

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